Riddell HS4 S-Bar QR Face Mask Mounting Kit

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HS4 S-Bar Quick Release Facemask Mounting HW Kit More

Riddell HS4 S-Bar Quick Release Face Mask Mounting HW Kit. For use on all Riddell Speed HS4 face masks only. Not compatible with any Riddell Speed S-Bar face masks or Riddell SpeedFlex face masks.

  • R918680 Top Face Mask Mounting Clip - HS4 S-Bar (2x)
  • R920813 Side QR Face Mask Mounting Clip HS4 S-Bar (2x)
  • R75961 Mini Quick Release Pin (2x)
  • R45960 Quick Release Receptacle (2x)
  • R45969 Speed Rubber Grommet (2x)
  • R60105 Long T-Nut 8-32 x .410" S.Steel (2x)
  • R60108 Screw 8-32 x 1/2 inch Waxed (2x)