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Riddell's current model line of football helmets for the 2020/2021 season.

In the year 2020, the largest helmets manufacturer, company Riddell from Ohio (USA), comes with several major innovations, changes and new products in a product line for the football season 2020 and 2021:

The definitive end of the popular Speed ​​and Foundation helmet series
  • At the turn of 2018 and 2019, the sale of the original Speed ​​model was definitively terminated, and at the beginning of 2019 also the production of older types of facemasks called S-Bar was stopped. These were replaced by the new HS4 facemasks and the Speed ​​model was replaced by a completely new version of the Speed ​​Icon and Speed ​​Icon Classic helmets. Speed ​​Icon has in common with the old and well-known Speed ​​model basically only a shell, shape and part of the name, otherwise it is a completely new helmet. The equipment and internal elements of the helmet are redesigned or completely new to meet the demands of the players. The main change is in the facemask attachment system, which is based on HS4 lightweight masks (by the way one of the lightest on the market) and in addition to narrower clips uses the Quick Release Pin system in the upper and lower part instead of the classic screws. Another innovation is the nubuck lining of the inside of the helmet, which significantly increases comfort and absorbs shocks. Both S-Pads (jaw pads) are fully inflatable on the sides and the nozzle is improved to prevent frequent rupture of the inflatable needle as in the past with the Speed ​​version. The inner liners are new and use the same type of valve with a black screw cap and mount as the more expensive SpeedFlex. The helmet can be inflated in a total of 4 separate places independently of each other. The Classic Icon version is identical with the only exception it does not have a nubuck overliner (lining). The result is much easier maintenance of the inside of the helmet.

New SpeedFlex 2020
  • Probably the most popular and most widely used Riddell SpeedFlex helmet today has undergone significant innovation. For 2020 year, all models have a new chin strap restraint system. The original plastic strap at the bottom with the Riddell "Ratchet-Loc" system has been replaced by the new classic flexible nylon strap system (similar to conventional conventional chin guards) with the Riddell "Cam-Loc" system. This inconspicuous change has significantly changed the comfort of tightening the chin strap, putting on and taking off the helmet. Overall, this system has also been used successfully in the NFL and NCAA.
Old version - Ratchet-Loc:

New version 2020 - Cam-Loc:

New Technology - SpeedFlex Diamond
  • At the end of the year 2019, Riddell announced the start of sales of a completely new generation of SpeedFlex Diamond helmet built on 3D technology of the inner part of the helmet. This innovation will be launched in Europe this autumn. The price should be a bit higher than with the classic SpeedFlex model. A major change (except for design) when purchasing will be a larger number of sizes in total 6 compared to the usual practices when helmets for American football were usually produced in only 3 basic sizes.. 

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