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Spalding TF-SB1 Leather Official Size
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Spalding TF-SB1 Leather

  • Spiral Balance Technology engineered to create a tighter and more accurate spiral. The Spiral Balance is achieved by attaching two weighted patches along the girth of the football on each side of the laces. Spalding also has maintained balance along the entire football by distributing weight elsewhere along the bladder. This means longer and tighter spirals on both throws and punts maintaining the same weight and feel of traditional footballs.
  • Proprietary "S" Tack HORWEE leather cover
  • Lighter color which makes it easier to see in many different playing conditions. It is easily seen at night and absolutely no "glare" during the day. The lighter color also hides scuffs and marks on the ball much better than balls with darker colored leather.
  • "Tan Tac" leather covering. The "Tac" is actually molded into the leather. This means the grip is much better and will last longer than other footballs.
  • Diamond cross weave rubber lacing system makes gripping the football much easier wet or dry
  • "Weatherproof Carcass Lining" in between the carcass and the bladder makes the SB-1 moisture resistant unlike many other leather footballs
  • 4-ply TPU bladder

Spalding TF-SB1 Leather Official Size

Catalogue number:TF-SB1
Our price: 59.00 €
Availability:In Stock

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