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Difference between Faceguards standard mounting and Twist Release system.

The main difference is that standard assembly of the facemasks using four loop straps, the same number of screws and the same number of counterparts called "T-nut". Twist release facemask assembly fixed the upper part of the facemask in two opposite facing hooks (twist release), into which the facemask clicks. Subsequently fasten side part using loop straps and 2 sets of screws and T-Nuts. Cano not be said that any system is significantly better or worse. Twist Release clearly faster installation of hte facemask. On the other side Twist release can not use conventional facemasks with a U-Bar on the top of the facemask and at the same time is not always possible to mount a protective plastic visor. Both systems can be easily replaced. Simultaneously twist release you can easily remove and underneath it remains a classic system shown on the left picture.

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